Over 12 Years in the Business

Creating software for 100's of bars & restaurants they can actually use.

Mission & Vision

Live Locally is a software company that helps forward-thinking distributors and brands engage consumers, build synergystic relationships with clients, and provide a higher level of service all while increasing revenue.

We believe in creating connections and relationships and growing/fostering these through recommendations.   We provide our partners with the essential tools they need to connect to the digital world, and find synergy between quality, recommendations, and technology. We support this vision by creating software that is cutting edge and easy to use.




Matthew Dowgwillo

A graduate of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities with a BS in Economics & Statistics, Matt started his work with in marketing and promotions in the year 2000, working with Political Organizations, student groups, and the City of Minneapolis. His career began at Olson (ad agency), until he started the world’s 1st Happy Hour Search Engine, ThriftyHipster, where he worked closely with Bar & Restaurant Owners. A serial entrepreneur, Matt has started multiple tech companies and websites and teaches Google SEO & Social Media classes with Demand Quest.

A Statistician by trade, but road-biker at heart. When not on his laptop, you can find him enjoying craft beers with friends, on the ski hill, fishing at his family’s cabin in WI, or playing golf.

Buy him a drink? Gin or Kentucky Bourbon

Robert Nogler

Robert graduated from the University of MN with degrees in Computer Science & Engineering. Since then, he has been leading tech teams for companies such as Wells Fargo and Red Brick.

He has also been a leader in the local start-up community and a political community organizer. He sits on multiple city development and neighborhood boards, where he hears from local business owners and helps them find technical solutions for their needs.

Although we think he loves Apple and his fixie just a little too much, he can code in virtually any language and is the best developer we’ve ever known.

Buy him a drink? Ice-cold Polish Beer or Scotch

Our Program

12 Years helping bars with new tech…

Sadly, we cannot claim Live Locally’s Platform as “our idea.” It was actually a bar client that asked us “…Can’t you just give these tools to me?”  (We know, a typical bar-owner question) “…I’d rather have this than posters; it does way more for me…”

This program is a reflection of that conversation. So we designed this program, based on a concept of collective benefits and gains with a foundation in service, sales, and relationships.

in 2015 we rolled out a Pilot program in MN and saw huge ROI. Thanks to all our clients that helped us craft features that worked for them.

We look forward to meeting and working with new distributors across the nation and helping those small businesses and distributors and major brands that truly believe in a “mutually beneficial relationship.”

– Matt & Robert

Some of our Clients

We specialize in small business, but understand the needs of brands

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