I was at a client’s place in Uptown last week, and they were talking about how to brand themselves on Facebook.


This is a challenge that I’ve seen a lot of bars and restaurants face. And honestly, because of work, I follow everyone and see some of the WORST posts… So, this is a little self-serving; I want to see good content, and most people do. So I’ll break it down for you to find some good examples and hopefully you’ll find a voice in your own.  It’s challenging, I know. (you can see we miss it a lot too, but I like to think we sometimes get it right; playing the line of marketing too hard vs. providing good content)


Let’s examine some examples so you can better start reaching your fans in the right way, and branding your restaurant the way you SHOULD be branded.


(Most of this stuff you know or have seen before. It’s not the point of this post, but we’re assuming you know…)
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  • “Free”
  • Relatively easy to update things
  • Your followers are “like” you so good group to reach
  • Can create very targeted response
  • Potential shares

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  • “Free” is only true if you don’t value your time
  • Only reach a small percent of followers without paying
  • Your followers are “like” you so good group to reach
  • Too many “marketing” messages make fans ignore you
  • Too many brands fail to let you stand out

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Your Bar’s Voice on Facebook?


You’ve heard it all before: CONTENT. But that is a pretty ambiguous term! Most clients we talk to don’t have a clue on what to post, so they focus on “content” that does nothing for their fans.


You should be posting, DAILY, GOOD CONTENT.


Think about the things people like on the web right now. What are you seeing?  I’ll give you a hint: PEOPLE LIKE


The best part is, though, is that you can tie it to your promotions… So which Twin Cities bars are doing a good job on Social Media?


Example of a Good Bar’s Facebook


Want to know who’s killing it on Facebook? The bars that provide GOOD Content.


Let’s Look at  Bryant Lake Bowl on Facebook… What does this post say about them?  Essentially, they are providing good content (providing value to fans) AND a good marketing message (come in) without turning anyone off.

From a Branding Perspective: Foodie (“pairing”), Great place to bowl (pic), Delicious options change weekly (pic), Vegetarian-Friendly (“veggie sausage”)


From a Marketing Perspective: “Come in and get an awesome meal and bottle of wine!”


good bar social media post
Let’s look at another example, but from a place that spends less time and effort doing essentially the same thing.  Not all of Liquor Lyle’s Posts are great, but most of the time, they nail it without even putting any strategy or thought behind it! Why? Because: “…They are a cool, chill place where everyone is welcome to stop in for 2fers…”


This image and post says it all:



lyles good post

Some Bad Examples?


This post from 7 Sushi’s Facebook page isn’t all THAT bad; there is a picture, but if you see, it’s all about you coming in to spend some money, but it’s not THAT bad because it at least identifies with having a high-level offering for happy hour…


seven sushi socaial


But Worse,  no images, all marketing. “Come in, spend money!”


bad social media bar post


The takeaway?


Creating a good social media campaign can take a lot of thought (Bryant Lake Bowl ), but if done correctly, you can see the path to 12,000 fans is no big deal.


Of course, marketing your happy hour and promos can be “content” too, but that’s what ThriftyHipster is for:)

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