We could think of no better week than this to release a brand new feature on the World’s 1st Happy Hour Search Engine…


The Fall weather reminds us of the Autumn Brew Review… the MN Craft Brewers’ Guild event that celebrates all the awesome things people are making! Well, it’s been an awesome year for craft beer, and an even more awesome year for MN Tap Rooms.


The Craft Beer Happy Hour


I don’t know about you, but I LOVE our local beer scene. But I also love happy hour.  So here at ThriftyHipster, we figured, why not combine the 2?


In an age of $7 beers, its nice to be able to find a few bars that not only have an awesome tap list, but also provide a nice and tasting-ful discount to all or most of that list.  You’d be surprised at the amount of awesomeness that can be found and sampled at local bars on happy hour.


And it’s easy to do!


  1. DOWNLOAD the App (iphone  or Android)
  2. SEARCH as you normally would; Near You, Your Favorites, or by Location…
  3. FILTER at the Top Right, you’ll notice a “FILTER” button. Click it.
happy hour craft beer search filter
click “FILTER” to see all happy hours that feature craft beer during happy hour


How will you use this new power?  Will you create craft-beer pub crawls for your friends? Will you go out solo and sample whatever these local breweries can throw at you?  All of this is up to you.


However, beware the power; craft beer is almost always strong beer, and ThriftyHipster simply promises that you will be able to drink well and save money, NOT hold your liquor.



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