Like "Print Services" you already provide, but Digital...

A direct-sales tool that builds on-premise relationships, saves time, and gives you a competitive advantage.

Why should you move to more Digital-based service?

LIKE Distributor "Print Services" but WAY Better...

In the last 20 years, Distributors have invested in providing print services for On and Off Premise accounts. This has led to additional profits, service offerings, and built stronger relationships with Accounts and Brands.

But it has also required huge investment in staffing, infrastructure, and effort.

We don’t know which distributor in the country was the 1st to bring in-house print and creative services to the industry, but it has since become the norm, and so the competitive advantage to providing these services was lost.

Why not provide something other distributors can’t?  Our software is the “print services” of the future and it’s WAY WAY BETTER.

Directly Increase Sales

Want to secure a tap line? How about make your favorite Pinot the house wine?  Feature a new brand on a specialty drink list? Our program is designed to do just that.

Competitive Advantage

Provide something to your accounts your competition CAN’T. Lock in a relationship with an On-Premise Account with a bond that will never be broken.

Reach people where they are

No one reads the paper anymore, everyone is on their phones looking for ideas from the people and businesses they trust. Now you have a way to reach them.

Build PARTNERSHIPS with your Top Clients

You can do SO much more than just deliver and sell. You can become a partner. A strong relationship built on mutual benefit is the best relationship. Help them, they reward you.

Synchronized Promotions

Make promotions easier for you and your brands.  More patrons = more fun = more sales. Harness the full power of online & Social Media to promote all your brand events.  No coordination with your On-Premise Accounts necessary.

Less Hassle than Actual Print

Staffing, space, expensive printers, dropping off and putting materials up, re-printing, material ordering, equipment malfunction, product waste… All those headaches are all gone!

The Power of Recommendations

We all trust our friends more than marketing wizards representing big brands. Don’t just have your brands spending money on ads, have them be recommended by local businesses consumers trust and love.
{Stat} Everyone is on their phones looking for ideas from the people and businesses they trust. Now your best brands have a way to reach them.

No Extra Work is Needed

Our service is specifically geared to fit harmoniously to the average Distributor’s efforts. THIS IS EASY FOR YOU. We handle the execution and technical issues. You make profits.
Your team already manages design and print for many of your On-Premise Accounts and Brand Promotions, make those images digital and reach millions of new potential consumers.

Make Life Easy, Add Client Service, Boost Sales, Collect Stats with Cutting-Edge Software

Simple. Robust. Powerful.

Directly Increase Sales & More Easily Meet Sales Goals

What is a guaranteed tap line worth?

Would you like to have your brands featured on Happy Hour?

Want to do a big tasting, Tap Takeover, or release party to showcase something new?

We start with your quarterly sales goals and focus on which accounts will best be able to help you meet them.  We expect an average revenue increase of around $3,000/Account/Month when running a program similar to our Minnesota pilot.

Synchronized Promotions: Your life made easy

What will your Reps be able to accomplish with their new free-time?

Are you hosting an event with an Account? We make YOUR life easy.

A successful promotion is usually determined by the actual account. Do they take an interest? Are they active with their Social Media following?

You’re doing your part. Are they doing theirs to make it successful?

  1. (You) Rep lines up event/promotion
  2. (You) Rep gets creative done internally
  3. (You) Rep drops off posters
  4. ??? Will the Account also promote this ???

What if you could do it better, for them?

Our platform allows you to harness the Account’s Social Media Fans and send social updates in-synch with those being made by the featured brand and your distributorship.

An Internal Ad Engine

Save your brands money or pocket the gains, either way, you’ll have more sales!

Are your brands tired of spending tens of thousands of dollars on advertising? Does it work? Is that money discretionary (and could thereby be spent internally, ie. “Your Money”)?

What if you could harness millions of local consumers, reach them when they’re making their buying decisions, and build up your brands to boot?

Millions of Free Impressions…

Our software allows you to create an exponentially large and continually growing ad network by creating a network of websites that you “own”.

…With the power of Personal Recommendations

Everyone knows, Recommendations are worth 10X the value of an ad. That’s exactly what your brands will get.

New Social Media Fans. For you, your Brands, & your Clients

Personal Recommendations are the best. Get recommendations for everything you do exponentially more effective.

"Lock" in Your Accounts

Worried about your account jumping to another distributor to get a better price (even nominal)? We’ve heard this before.

Our accounts essentially get “locked” in to the progam for all the reasons they join:
– It’s a solution to their problems
– IT’s expexsive for them to leave
– it’s easy to just let you manage lots of this for them

Build Better Relationships with your Accounts

Nothing is better than actually creating a relationship between your reps and your accounts.

Business will always be better and easier when trust exists.  Invest in seeing your Accounts succeed, and they will return the favor.

Our program allows you to provide accounts with something that:

  • Makes their lives easier
  • Connects you more often in a “friendly” or helpful situation
  • Saves them a TON of money and headache
  • Shows them stats of success that they can attribute to you

You provide Print Services to help your accounts. Why not make it digital?  We think they’ll love you for it.  And it’s where everyone is already anyway.

The mobile app that Live Locally gives us allows us to reach patrons on their smart phones and brings in 100's of customers each month!
Shane Higgins Owner, Brit's Pub
The Live Locally software makes it easy for me to schedule social media posts. Each week I save countless hours, and have even built a much bigger following!
Val Solberg General Manager, Liquor Lyle's
No one understands this market like Matt (of Live Locally). His understanding of technology, usability, and business is why we're proud to have him as an instructor at our school.
Ted Kozlowski Owner, Demand Quest
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