Promoting Brand Events Better

Because more patrons = better brand exposure = more sales

The Old Way vs. Live Locally Way

Brand Promotions & Events have never been easier or more powerful.

1 - Set up the Event

Plan an event to get brand placement and exposure

2 - Print Order

PRINT: Collect creative assets, order posters…
DELIVER: Drop off completed prints

3- Try to get bar to help promote

It’s good for them, why shouldn’t they? They don’t. Account Reps I know spend countless hours trying to convince accounts to promote events.

4 - Host Event; No clue about attendance



1 - Set Up Event

Plan an event to get brand placement and exposure

2 - Promotions Synchronized

Consistent creative assets and social recommendations are created and scheduled for delivery online.  Simply grab Account and Brand creative assets, print, and deliver.

3 - Publish to PR, Blogs, & Websites

Got great images and social messages taken care of? We’ll broadcast your images/events/details everywhere.

4 - Successful Event

Better attendance and consumer engagement.  And most importantly, BETTER SALES.

5 - Data + Fans

Who liked the brand? Contact them again.  Keep your draft lines and specials. Lot’s of new social media followers.

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