Need More Proof Mobile & Social are the future?

All the stats, especially when considering your local clients, all point to upping your game in the Mobile/Social space. We can get you there.

MILLENNIALS: Easily Reach Them

You can introduce your brands to Millennials through your accounts. It’s a simple realignment of how you do things.

Here is what they say:



MOBILE: You Can Provide Your Clients with a Mobile Solution

Why Your Clients Should be Mobile. Live Locally Software makes it easy for you to make it free and easy for them…

Having a Mobile Website now impacts if you are found in Google

New updates from Google mean that if your customers are NOT mobile, they will not get found nearly as often.  Live Locally’s Software makes it super easy for you to provide this to your customers (and even add ads for your brands)

source – Google

80% of Local Searches Done on Mobile/Tablet




Yet, Only 11% of Websites are Mobile Friendly

Why you ask? Because the technology and costs are sometimes beyond your clients. We can change that.





SOCIAL: The Trends that Impact You Clients

People are Spending More & More time on Social Media

That means they have less time to watch TV or care about signs



And a Client’s Fans will listen to them

Use the Live Locally Platform to leverage your Accounts’ fans to recommend your brands.

Ever wonder why the local brew pubs are taking control of the market? It’s because they are centralized in their discussions online, and people like that.  But it’s a big opportunity for you!  70% of people know trust businesses to make recommendations! (not print signage/ads)




So Your Clients SHOULD be Spending Time Reaching their Fans

But we get it. You’re a bar manager, you have to deal with unruly customers or order more beer, you can’t spend every waking moment on social media.

You’re already spending too much time!  But we can help.



Our Scheduling tool is designed to save time, and even give you the power to help your accounts so they can concentrate on their business.




ON PREMISE: Use Existing Resources to the Max

The Cost to Gain a Social Media Follower is High

Fans are valuable, but also expensive, averaging $2-4 PER FAN to acquire.  So why not save money by converting patrons to fans?  That is FREE.  1-click Contest and wifi-gateway to add fans for your clients and brands is part of our platform.


Facebook Ads Cost Per Click in 2013