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Live Locally is a software company that helps forward-thinking distributors and brands engage consumers, build synergystic relationships with clients, and provide a higher level of service all while increasing revenue. We support this vision by creating software that is cutting edge and easy to use.

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A Platform Customized to Meet Today's Needs

Over 12 years, we’ve gotten a lot of requests from bar owners. We wanted to give them something to make their lives easier, but also adaptable to today’s biggest trends. Although we are always Evolving, here is a brief overview of what we can currently do:

Synchronized Data

1 Place for all the data.

Consistent Menus – Synch menu to Facebook, Venue Website, Venue Mobile
Social Media – Connect Venue social media accounts and reach their fans on their (and your) behalf
Event Promotions – Broaden your reach with a consistent message (and creative)

Social Media Followers

Fans can be expensive, but with our Wifi Portal and 1-Click On Premise Contents, we help your clients build fans (and provide stats so they can credit you).

BONUS? We can exponentially build your brands’ social followers in your market, and leverage those for future sales and promotions with no extra effort.

Social Scheduling

Help your accounts save time by giving them a tool to:

  • Monitor their reputation online & respond
  • Schedule posts to fans when they have time

Distributors get a tool to:

  • Promote your events and brands to their fans
  • Get targeted recommendations for your brands by fans’ trusted businesses
  • Host promotions easier; no more need to coordinate with your accounts to engage their fans (you can do it for them)

A Sleek & Responsive Mobile App

All of your clients are now mobile.

Not only will patrons be able to read/find the information on their phones (which is majority of restaurant searches), but it’s now also important just to be found (Mobile in Google Rankings).

BONUS? Built in ads for your brands, which when you look at the numbers, becomes MILLIONS of impressions saving $THOUSANDS in Ad Expeneditures.

Powerful Stats

This isn’t a billboard. We can actually report actual customers in the seats, consumption data for best-selling products, and mine big data for future application.

We're more than Software. We're committed to your success
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